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About Us

Bridge Trading Corp is a company with a USA head office. We are dedicated to the manufacture, Distributor and Wholeasaler of quality Products around the South American. Bridge Trading Corp has around 50 employees in sales companies and production companies in 3 countries.

Vision, mission and values

Our vision defines our fundamental objective and the strategic direction in which we wish the company to move in the long term. Our mission defines how we do our business and what we do to achieve our vision.

Our vision

To be a dynamic and innovative company with growing leadership, and a significant position in whole Latin America.

Our mission

With great brands, talented and curious we Costumer give the best enjoyment and thereby secure continuous growth in turnover and profits.

Corporate values

Bridge Trading Corp, has approx. 50 employees in 5 companies and manufacturing sites. We believe that across borders and cultures we have a common approach to the way we are and the way we behave. The values that best express our aspirations and behaviour may be comprised in five words:


*-Team player